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The Entrepreneur Agony Aunt Podcast is available to listen to and subscribe to on all major players, including iTunesSpotifyYouTube and Stitcher.


And you can also listen to and follow the Entrepreneur Agony Aunt on Facebook and LinkedIn.


**New episodes now recording for Autumn 2019**

This is a hobby - not a business. The podcast is made by founders and entrepreneurs, for the benefit of other founders, entrepreneurs and anyone working in, advising or generally interested in entrepreneurship, startups and young companies.


What motivates me and my guests to make the programme is what we learn as we talk to each other, and the feedback we get from listeners on what you've learned. As the show motto goes "because there are no mistakes that someone else hasn't already made!"


So please share, like, review - or just email me your comments or questions in strict confidence to:


If you'd like to submit a question for an upcoming episode, please do include your email address if you want an update on when I'll be using it.


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