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New Entrepreneur Agony Aunt Podcast

Now Live - My New Entrepreneur Agony Aunt Podcast

I am interrupting the scheduled flow of posts because I am very excited to announce that my new Entrepreneur Agony Aunt podcast to support startups, CEOs and founders through the personal and professional challenges of growing their business is now live!

Each week I’ll be joined by a high profile, expert guest as we dive into a problem submitted by a listener or blog reader. The Entrepreneur Agony Aunt Podcast aims to provide no-nonsense, practical advice based on the hard-learned lessons and mistakes of seasoned entrepreneurs.

I strongly believe that you don’t learn anything if you don’t make mistakes - but it is critical to share those mistakes and the learnings so that other people don’t waste time, money and experience the heartache of falling into the same traps you did. I have been lucky to have some incredible mentors in my working life and I wanted to find a way to expand their advice and wisdom to a wider startup audience.

When I began this blog, I was inspired and humbled by how many founders, CEOs and startup employees got in touch to thank me for saying the things that nobody else was - including revealing the raw side of exhaustion, investment and the pressures of failing. With that also came a series of tough, honest questions about challenges people we facing in their everyday business lives and I felt these simply weren’t being sufficiently tackled by the existing advice and support networks.

So the Entrepreneur Agony Aunt concept evolved - the motto is keeping it real, telling like it is - because there are no mistakes that someone else hasn’t already made.

Visit the Entrepreneur Agony Aunt podcast page for details of latest episodes and links to Spotify, iTunes and more

With a new 30 minute episode each week, my Series 1 podcast guests include:

  • Episode 1 - now live: Mark Logan, former COO of Skyscanner and IOD Director of the Year joins Entrepreneur Agony Aunt Vicky Brock to tackle two reader questions. In just 30 minutes we cover why founders and leaders also have to also develop themselves as managers as their businesses scale, how to make meetings more effective by banning status updates, how to handle a problem boss and when to quit your job.

  • Episode 2 - next week: Cally Russell, Founder & CEO of Mallzee, answering a reader’s question about PR and sales visibility, and the importance of iterating your business as it grows.

  • Joe Tree, Blipfoto Founder, talking about facing failure and bouncing back;

  • And young entrepreneurs at the beginning of their careers, like Isabel Hirama, who shares her experiences on learning how to ask for what you want and managing upwards.

Submit your question to the Entrepreneur Agony Aunt anytime - I'll match it with a suitable expert guest.

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